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Balance is Good for Everyone. Your employees’ engagement in their work and job satisfaction are increasingly tied to work-life integration – their ability to address both work and life responsibilities rather than letting one overwhelm the other. The separation between work and personal time is increasingly disappearing. Just as employees must handle business responsibilities outside of business hours, they also must handle personal responsibilities during the work day.

Equivity's employee perks program is a great option to provide your employees with business support, personal support or a combination of both. Our dedicated virtual assistants can operate as a team perk, or even as part of your overall employee benefits compensation package. Equivity virtual assistants allow professionals to better manage their business and personal lives from the office and free up time, both increasing workplace productivity, and offering a valuable and unique service. With Equivity, life won't get in the way of business.

The Equivity Employee perks program can help employers:

  • Recruit and retain employees
  • Differentiate your company from the competition
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease employee absenteeism and turnover

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