Our team of experts work together under the leadership and guidance of Equivity co-founders, Eric Wall and Heidi Hodges.  As two busy working professionals with limited time, Heidi and Eric were inspired in 2014 to launch Equivity as a service to help other professionals and business owners achieve their goals and bring more balance to their lives. Within a few years the business has grown exponentially and Equivity has introduced services to specifically target the marketing needs of businesses and paralegal support needs of law firms, as well as administrative and personal assistant support.  Equivity looks forward to helping new businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals of growth and professionals to better balance the demands on their time.

Eric Wall
Co-Founder, CEO

Eric is a respected expert in the area of strategic outsourcing solutions. He founded Equivity in 2014 with the goal to help businesses ranging from high-growth startups, to multinational corporations, to find a smarter way to work.

As the CEO of Equivity, he now provides businesses and entrepreneurs with the resources and virtual marketing, administration and paralegal outsourcing they need to achieve their professional goals.

Eric consults law firms on taking their practice virtual, and is a respected speaker on virtual legal outsourcing.

He blogs on the topics of virtual outsourcing, marketing strategy and remote working technology solutions. He has been featured in publications like Law360, AllTopStartups, and CEOBlog Nation. Equivity has been featured in Forbes and Inc. magazine.

Before getting bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Eric worked as a patent litigator for more than a decade, most recently as a partner at Quinn Emanuel. He has a JD from Harvard Law School and earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance from Georgetown University.

Eric now lives in San Francisco with his wife and two young children. Born and raised in the Bronx, Eric is a die-hard Yankees fan and medieval history podcast aficionado.

Heidi Hodges
Co-Founder, Director of Marketing and Business Development

As Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Business Development at Equivity, Heidi focuses on digital marketing, promotions and operational strategy. She has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and content marketing within a variety of industries including technology, insurance and legal.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, Heidi has lived and worked on both the East and West coasts. She met Eric Wall working at a law firm in New York and the two co-founded Equivity in 2014 based on a mutual desire to both help busy businesses achieve their goals. Heidi’s passion at Equivity is focused on digital marketing strategy, branding and employee community building.