The BYU-Idaho Master Internship Agreement aims to outline the responsibilities of the university and the employer during the internship process. The agreement must be signed only once by each tutor and applies to all future trainees. The three-way system allows students to have one semester open per year. This is the perfect opportunity to do a full-time internship at different times of the year. This is particularly convenient for companies that might otherwise have difficulty finding interns during the fall and winter semesters, if most of the other students were in school. Students are encouraged to do their internship if they are off-track. The following guidelines must be followed to ensure that a student`s internship experience is valuable. A: All BYU-Idaho students who complete internships, teaching assignments or nursing clinics are covered by the university`s liability insurance. For information about the directive or warranty certificate, please contact our office. A: Their fundamental responsibility will be to provide meaningful supervision, opportunities and responsibilities, as well as valuable training.

Detailed information can be found in the master`s agreement. Health insurance: All students must be covered by health insurance during their internship, either through university or through family/private insurance. All internships are university courses, and if you successfully complete the course, you will receive a credit and a grade. If you have any questions about the notes, talk to your internship coordinator. Notes are not reserved until the end of the semester. If your experience ends after the end of the semester, your faculty may decide to keep your grade until graduation. In this case, a T-Note appears on your recording until your internship is completed, then the faculty will submit an exchange of notes. T-grades for internships have no influence on your ability to register for the following semester courses, or do not interfere with your student`s grade. Your internship is considered completed only after the graduation.

A: To find an intern, you can post an internship on our BYU Idaho website. Please contact our employee relations team at 208-496-9824 or email Please ask questions at the Office of Internships and Care services in A: The master contract is a contract that protects the student, the experience provider and the university. By presenting the document, the intern is covered by the university`s liability insurance. The agreement also specifies the responsibilities of each party during an internship. You will receive a reminder to complete an internship evaluation. In addition, you must register with your internship coordinator at the faculty to see if there are any final evaluations, tasks or reports to submit before you get your final grade for the course.

The credit for internships is at least one (1) and a maximum of six (6) credits. University policy states that the maximum number of credits acquired for internships must not exceed 5% of the 120 credits required to obtain a bachelor`s degree or 6 credits. The credit actually earned for each internship is determined by the coordinator of the department`s internship. If a student completes more than one internship, the overall credits earned must not exceed six (6).