5 To be: either the fried oyster sandwich or the shrimp pizza – the best choice for lunch at Crusty`s Seafood restaurant. Grammar bytes, | | 2018 2 6. to taste: none of these chocolate broccoli muffins – good, no more. 7th: The whole colony of red ants, including the queen and all her drones, was ecstatic on Tommy`s feet and stabbed him in the ankle. 8. to make: Fifteen gallons of chocolate milk – Herbert the elephant a happy pachyderm. 9. To hope: Everyone on the roller coaster, including Martha and Angie, that hot dogs, onion rings, funnel pies and cotton candy will stay downstairs during filming. 2 10. on harassment: Neither Fred`s clothes nor his esmeralda posture that Fred gets the check back every time they eat. 11. Kiss: This pair of jeans – Hannah`s body curves as beautiful as Tinfoil on a baked potato.

4 19. to demand: Statistics – so many homework that Michelle`s poor fingers have a permanent removal of the pods from the computer. 20. coming: The Committee – from all parts of the city, so we usually have to start late because so many members remain stuck in transport. 21. to believe: The Committee – it is more important to wait for everyone to arrive than to start on time. 3 22: When Dad is angry, the fire flashes in his eyes and smokes from his ears. 23. Clear up: If Matthew has a bad day, the old episodes of The X-Files always – his mood. 24. to beat: Each of these opera singers regularly notes high enough to break the glass and break the eardrums.

25. 3 12. to anger: Neither the shock absorber of the cough, nor the squeaky brakes – Ruth as much as the broken radio in her old car. 13. Get: Florida Alligators generally – Severe digestive disorders after poodle consumption. 14. to hang on: Every cat hair, every candy wrapper and every wireless thread – to the super-loaded polyester pants that Theodora likes to wear. 15. namely: Each of Ms.

Orsini`s students – the rules that govern the subject-verb agreement. 16. The shine on my hardwood floors – Abusing the torn nails of Floyd`s toes, my dog. 17. that none of these students refer to the rules of the subject verb agreement. Compassion for both during the quiz. 18. to do: patience and compassion, in addition to a wallet full of money, everyone wants Jordan as a friend.