A successful law firm marketing campaign starts with a clear strategy.  It enables your firm to differentiate itself, establish expertise, and target the right clients at the right time. However, frequently, law firms do not have the in-house expertise, time or resources to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and put that strategy into action.

Equivity’s Law Firm Marketing Strategist plan is the perfect solution. Our marketing experts combine the skills of a seasoned, US-based, college-educated Marketing Director with the support of a dedicated Virtual Marketing Assistant. Together, they’ll design a customized strategy and campaign for your firm, and then bring your strategy to fruition. With just one call, you’ll have a powerful new resource at your side: Your very own virtual marketing department.

Law Firm Marketing Strategy That Works

Branding and Messaging

Innovative brand campaigns to capture the legal client’s attention, and transform your firm. 

Law Firm Marketing Experts

Specialized expertise, experience, and insights to get you the right cases and new clients.

Personalized Marketing Strategy

Take your law practice to the next level with unique digital marketing campaigns.

Transform Your Law Practice Today

Discuss your digital marketing strategy with one of our law firm marketing strategists. Before you hang up, you’ll
know how we can help you increase your reach, attract new clients, and transform your practice.