MLB paychecks are so great that agents and teams are looking for creative ways to make deals without simply adding zeros to an already amazing number. “I think we negotiated from the point of view that there is a false premise that the agreement… to pay proportional wages. It`s just not right,” Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick said Tuesday on Arizona Sports 98.7. And it`s so imprecise that it`s always made me angry. I know that`s the position of the players. I think they are strongly influenced by external forces to take that position. But it was built around the idea that we would come back to play baseball under normal circumstances. Any payment due from April to June for the signing of bonuses, deferred compensation and termination may be delayed no later than September 1, with interest at the rate set in the collective agreement. Union chief Tony Clark and Mlb Assistant Commissioner Dan Halem attacked each other`s credibility in a later post-story. The fiery comments by Kendrick, Levine and other members of management left no doubt that the owners believed that the language of the agreement meant that both parties would renegotiate wages.

And as ESPN reported, some players and agents would like to see the union`s notes of the bargaining sessions. MLB believes that the language of the March 26 agreement is clear and, just as important, what has been said between the parties reflects that. Yankees President Randy Levine, who was mlb`s negotiator in the 1994-95 labor dispute, was not part of the negotiations, but later read, among other things, the negotiating notes that led to the agreement. He told the post office that he thought all of this, together, gives an idea of what the intentions of the agreement were. The rejected proposal – supposedly coming in a personal meeting between MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and MLBPA general manager Tony Clark – required a 60-game season, gave players the full pro-rated salaries they got in a deal in March, and added other qualifications like an expanded postseason field and a universal DH.