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For every client that you refer to Equivity, we will provide a $150 discount on the following month’s subscription. Just email your CEM to identify who you are referring. If that person signs up and lets us know that you referred them, we will reduce the price of your next month’s subscription. It’s that simple!

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Looking for US-based virtual receptionists and chat specialists? Ruby's live virtual receptionists and chat specialists answer calls so you can focus on your business and are online 24/7, ready to connect when your customers are. Over 13,000 business owners trust Ruby with their front-line communications. In return, they get increased sales inquiries, measurably better customer satisfaction. Ruby is the best teammate you’ve never had. As an Equivity customer, you’ll receive $150 discount off your 1st month! To learn more, call 866-611-7829, or visit us here and use Promo Code: EQUIVITY.