Once the lease is registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria, you and the other parties will be notified. This can be used as evidence of access to other state aid such as rent relief or property tax relief. From March 2, 2020, Victorian tenants will be able to keep a pet in their rented property, provided they have obtained written consent from their landlord. Reform 62. A new provision provides that the VCAT tenant or EIS may assume responsibility for excessive user fees when a tenant has received an overuse bill for electricity due to a hidden error (for example. B a water leak). This reform also applies to rental contracts in rooming houses, caravan parks and residential parks. Reform 129. Where a dwelling owned by a park resident is sold on site and the dwelling is not in a state of proper cleanliness or repair or poses a significant health or safety risk, the operator may require that the defect be corrected within a reasonable period of time as a condition of consent to the transfer of the right of residence (or the cancellation of the settlement contract).

Agree to the rent reduction instead of a tenant who defers payment of the current amount to a later date. If the rent is deferred, tenants may, at the end of the contract, be in debt that they cannot repay. Reform 69. The “no specific reason” communication for periodic leases is deleted. Indeed, the ability of landlords (RRPs) to terminate a tenancy agreement for reasons other than those prescribed by the Housing Act does not adequately protect tenants from the unjustified termination of their leases, where they may be asked to leave for no reason. This has a considerable impact on tenant behaviour – this can lead, for example, to a lack of willingness to seek repairs, which ultimately leads to dilapidated real estate and a decrease in the consumption of their home. This reform is intended to improve the balance of bargaining power between the parties and to encourage RRCs to be more transparent about their reasons for terminating a lease. This reform also applies to regular residence rights in rooming houses and caravan parks, as well as to regular settlement agreements in residential parks. Reform 103. If a tenant`s lease has been suspended due to serious violence in managed premises, the suspended tenant may enter into agreements with the UVP contract so that an agent can recover personal belongings belonging to the tenant (e.g. B medications).