In Waveney, where the Section 75 agreement is with Suffolk County Council, it also means that, as part of the provision of services, your social care needs are taken into account as part of your needs-based assessment. Within Waveney, you have access to a Section 75 officer`s assessment with Suffolk County Council about our dedicated facilitators. The transfer of health personnel took place in 2011 as part of a Section 75 agreement with the TUPE agreements – staff were transferred to NHS conditions, including the protection of existing pension plans. All staff members were in the NHS Agenda for Change contracts (which cover performance-related compensation). It is important that there are detailed agreements on IT and housing, as both can be very expensive if they are not watertight. Health visitors can now access SystmOne through the Council`s office. The Council has also introduced wifi in buildings where health visitors work, allowing them to work remotely with access to consulting systems (including in some NHS buildings). Family, partners and friends can be important supports for all of us. As a service, we offer the opportunity to take care of the main supporters of our lives by having access to all our recovery courses, but where there are also special courses that help to improve understanding. CQC Registration The Commission sought the CQC registration.

They were able to re-register with the same responsible manager we had before TUPE, but they had to appoint a new account manager. The Commission also approached NHS Monitor to verify the need for an NHS provider licence, but they did not meet the criteria and were not necessary. It is important to involve trade unions (RCN/UNITE) at an early stage and to build new relationships through HR. Measures taken to support the re-existence of health workers have been well managed. We are fortunate to have forums of proactive users and service facilitators who welcome you. About our user and service care provider hub, everyone is invited to support the good development of service delivery. The Commission also made available health personnel with mobile computer equipment (although there was no budget initially planned, the Commission considered it a significant investment to ensure a good adaptation between information technology and staffing needs. This assessment is the basis of your recovery plan, which we will develop or co-produce and that we will agree with you. You may need to be accepted by our service so that you can develop your skills or understanding through our various resources to help you better manage your problems independently.

Or maybe we can give you access to help from a more appropriate source that is available. We offer assessment and treatment for people with complex mental health problems.