We love realtors! And according to our realtor partners and clients, the feeling is mutual. If you’re a real estate pro working hard to build your reputation and expand your digital footprint (while also serving your existing clients) we can help. Our real estate marketing services are wide and our expertise runs deep.

Marketing for Real Estate Firms

Looking for a real estate marketing plan? Equivity’s fractional marketing consultants and freelance experts can develop your marketing strategy from scratch and build your entire infrastructure from the ground up. If your marketing plan consists of a blank page, talk to our team. First, we’ll sit down with you and start listening. We’ll identify your target audience and we’ll create a lead generation road map that will build your business on your schedule and on your terms. We do it ALL, from coding to integration to analysis to ads.

Not sure how to market your real estate business? We’ve got you covered. Don’t have a website? We’ll build one. Reaching out to your base via email campaigns, promotions, events, pay-per-click, CRM? We can handle that. Don’t yet have a base? We can handle that too.

Put your trust in our real estate marketing experts. Every member of our team has a four-year degree, and our marketing strategy leaders hold years of executive-level experience. We’ll identify your goals, and then we’ll do whatever it takes to help you reach them.

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Digital Marketing Analysis for Real Estate Firms

Right now we’re offering a unique service specifically tailored to the needs of busy realtors.

Our Digital Marketing Analysis for realtors provides a comprehensive overview of your current real estate marketing program. It’s a top-down, bottom-up marketing audit that can show you where your marketing strategy is working and where it may be falling short.

Your dedicated marketing expert will research and provide a comprehensive analysis of your digital footprint, a full examination of your online marketing efforts, website, online reviews, and overall internet presence.

We’ll present you with a report and a set of insights that can improve your visibility and messaging. The report provides a thoughtful analysis of the most cost-effective digital marketing efforts that can create the highest impact for your business.

We’ll answer questions like these:

Does your website messaging set you apart and highlight your strongest selling points?

Does your website design reflect your aesthetic? Is it mobile friendly?

Are you showing up on review sites and taking action to influence those reviews?

Could you benefit from digital ad placement or social media PPC?

Are you optimizing social media to communicate with your target audience?

Is your website appearing and ranking well in search engine results?

Most important: Are you investing in the resources that bring the highest returns?

We’ll address these issues in a detailed report, schedule a 30-minute call with a professional Marketing Strategist, and answer any question you may have. The report and results are yours to keep.

As a realtor, your time is your most precious resource, and you don’t spend that time standing still. Let us help you get more mileage out of the time and money you’re already allocating to your real estate advertising and marketing plan.

Our digital analysis marketing report provides a simple, low-cost, zero-commitment review of your current strategy.

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“I originally hired Equivity to do SEO on my website. It was a big success and now my virtual assistant handles all my digital marketing activities including a complex e-commerce site, email marketing and my online Etsy store. Equivity's been a real game changer for my marketing activities.”"

Patty Chan, Owner, Dosha Dog

Meet Michelle, Marketing and Graphic Design Rockstar

With a BA in Marketing, a Masters in Graphic Design, and over 18 years of success in commercial and consumer applications, graphic designer Michelle brings invaluable insight and advertising experience to our team. She’s a passionate expert who supports her Equivity clients with high-level proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Google Ad Words, Email Marketing, and Content Development. She’s enthusiastic about exploring new opportunities and helping companies grow their bottom line.

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