Remote Team Management and Strategy

Whether you are implementing a new telecommuting work policy, adding a few virtual assistants to your team, or looking to better manage your existing remote workforce, it can be difficult to develop the right strategies to effectively manage your team.

Equivity offers consulting services to assist you with critical issues that arise when leading a virtual team, including:

  • Recruiting and retaining virtual team members
  • Establishing effective communications structures with virtual staff
  • Selecting performance metrics and measuring results against them
  • Implementation of technology for team coordination
  • Providing supervision in a remote environment
  • Managing virtual independent contractors

Consulting services are provided by Eric Wall, founder, and CEO of Equivity.  Eric established Equivity in 2014 as an entirely virtual organization.  Equivity now employs dozens of administrative, marketing and paralegal VAs across the United States. Eric was responsible for creating the management team, developing a recruitment process, selecting technology to connect the team, and establishing performance metrics.

Eric also has extensive experience assisting clients who utilize remote independent contractors to provide critical skills to their organizations.  He has counseled clients on the best tactics for getting results from their virtual professionals.

Contact us today to discuss strategies we can help you develop to manage your virtual team.