Can you help me, please? I can use the word “state” as a collective noum and write verbs in the plural. When I talk about the state as isntitucion. For example, the state must take care of citizens. Your sentence has two topics: Dr. Jones and the team. Therefore, use the plural verb have. I came across a sentence that I think has a problem with the agreement of themes/verbs. Please find the following example: An independent clause is a group of words that contains a subject, a verb and expresses a complete thought. In this sentence, the theme (Spencer, Fridge and Martha) is plural because three different people are included.

Therefore, the verb rate (separated) must also be plural. As their answer above is the first option is correct, but I read a rule that “If two individual names related to and refer to the SAME THING the verb used with them should be singular. That`s why I`m a little confused. It will be great if you can summarize a little bit the words “same thing” in general, which I said above. If collective nouns act individually or separately from the group, a plural verb is used. Thanks for the compliment on our website. Grammatical, your examples are not complete sentences, but sentences. The initial majesty is optional when individual expressions with enumeration signs are used. We recommend that the majestation of each point be consistent. People are NOT a collective nobiss like team or staff. It`s a plural name.

However, the subject is one that is singular and adopts a singular verb. So the answer is. In the sentence above, the preposition is the four-person expression. This means that people are pre-positioned. The words of collection and money are both simple and are followed by singular verbs. As collective nouns describe a variety of things, they are often confused with plural nouns. In addition, collective nouns can be transformed into pluralistic nouns, like most common nouns. Just as a singular verb is used with a lot of money, a singular verb is also used with a period. Sentences with individual names also use article “A” before the name. 4. Our employees meet on Tuesday morning to discuss customer complaints. The staff, a collective group, acts in this sentence as a unit.

The Associated Press Stylebook classifies the data as a plural noun, usually using plural verbs and pronouns. An additional note indicates that some words, such as. B data that is plural, become collective subtantives and accept individual verbs when the group or quantity is considered a unit. Examples: the data is solid. A unit. The data was carefully collected. (individual elements) Do you trust your understanding of collective subversives? Can you help me with these words? Can the word “collection” (as a collective noun) be followed by the plural as “family was /family”? I would like to know from the “group of schools invites” or “invite” for a few occasions. Our school will have a program, and we are part of two other schools, or rather, it is a group of schools…. What should be used as a verb arrangement? Carmel group of schools invites you or carmel group of schools invite you to a…….. He is one of the men who does/does the work. The word before who is a man is plural. Therefore, use the plural verb do.

Their sentences do not address our theme of collective nouns. Please follow our rules for pronouns, subject verb agreement and prepositions to help you with these sentences. A detailed list of common collective nouns can be find in the following table. In our opinion, common sense tells us that if the subject is one, one must use a singular verb.